"We've been protecting babies and their families for over 65 years"

  • "I love Milton because it's timeless! My mother used the same products with me as I'm now using for my wee man, not much has changed except more easy-to-use products added. #UseMilton=parenting win!"
  • "Milton is a well-known brand and when I found out I was having twins, who are 3 months today, I needed something easy and reliable. That's why I chose Milton."
  • "I love Milton. My baby boy is 4 months old & we use Milton Wipes, Sterilising Fluid, & Surface Spray. I have always loved the fluid for cleaning stainless steel sinks! I love the smell & I trust it. I also carry Milton Antibacterial Hand Gel in my bag."
  • "My friends say I sterilise my little girl’s bottles the 'old school' way as they use electric sterilisers. But bottles just don't feel clean without cold water sterilisation! We love Milton."
  • "I absolutely love my new Portable Soother Steriliser and the new model is so much better! They are so handy when I’m out and about!"
  • "The products are so easy and portable! I used Milton tablets on a long haul flight during my last holiday to keep our bottles sterilised."
  • "I'm a big fan of Milton for my children. It gives me the reassurance that you're never far away from a clean dummy."
  • "I love Milton because the range is so easy and versatile - from cleaning my baby’s bottles to cleaning the fridge!"
  • "I love Milton. They have so many handy products such as the Soother Steriliser and Antibacterial Surface Wipes. They are essentials in my nappy bag and in the house. Milton we love you and would be lost without you!"

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