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"I always have a Milton Mini with me when I go out with my baby, I feel safe in the knowledge that she is protected from germs and infections"

"I love the Milton Mini, so well designed and easy to use"

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Portable Soother Steriliser

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Product Info

Key features

  • 2 in 1: cleans and sterilises soothers on the go
  • Allows you to always have one soother ready whenever you need it
  • 100% watertight, no risk of spills inside your bag
  • Sterilises in 15 minutes using Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets
  • No need to rinse
  • Adjustable strap to easily attach it to your buggy, pram or change bag
  • BPA free
  • Use only with the Milton Mini Sterilising Tablets

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How to Use

1. Prepare the solution

2. Insert the soother

3. Screw the top on

4. Wait 15 minutes

5. Ready for use

  • The soother can stay in the┬áMilton Mini for up to 24 hours

Where to Buy

Where to buy

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