• The kitchen is such an important living area in the house. It is also where food gets prepared and eaten. The majority of food poisoning cases originate from the kitchen, so special care must be taken to all kitchen surfaces.
  • Use Milton Solution made up with Tablets or Fluid to wipe the fridge, worktops, sink area, cupboards, bins, chopping boards, freezers and microwaves. Always use on cold surfaces and not on electrical parts.
  • Pay special attention to your sink and clean it daily.
  • The bin is an ideal spot for germs to breed, so change bin bags often and give the bin a clean regularly.
  • You can also use Milton to clean your floors, providing a germ-free environment for your little ones to crawl on.
  • Fruit & vegetables sometimes have impurities like traces of soil. You can soak them in a Milton solution and rinse them with clean water before eating.
  • De-stain coffee cups and mugs by using some neat Milton Fluid on a sponge.
  • Pour a few drops of Milton Fluid into a vase and your flowers will last longer.