SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! The days are longer, the sun is cheering everyone up and now it is time to prepare your house to be fresh and clean for the rest of the year.

Spring cleaning can be difficult sometimes so here are some useful tips from Milton:

  1. Gather all the family: cleaning is faster and more fun when everyone is participating. And you can spend time with your loved ones!
  2. Do not feel pressured: You don’t have to do it all in one day. Give yourself time and you can make a plan to tackle all the areas.
  3. Find motivation: Your favorite music playlist may increase your energy level!
  4. Tidy your home and get rid of what you can before starting cleaning: Now is a great time to have a toy clear out. If your babies have grown out of some of their plastic toys why not give them a clean and take them to a local charity shop or hospital.
  5. One room at a time: Start disinfecting the kitchen or the bathroom where germs and bacteria proliferate the most.
  6. Ventilate: opening the windows to refresh the air is the best way to remove dust mites. It is proven that the air is more polluted inside than outside.


How to deep clean your home with Milton? Use these 3 home hygiene products:

  • Milton Sterilising fluid: Use it to wipe every cold surfaces (not electrical parts): fridge, worktops, sink area, cupboards, bins, microwaves, etc. On a sponge it can de-stain coffee cups and mugs.
  • Milton Antibacterial surface wipes: Safe to use on soothers and bottle teats, they are handy to clean and disinfect all surfaces in the home: high chair, TV remotes, cupboards, computer keyboards, etc. These are great for wiping down the sides in the kitchen. They are 100% biodegradable and you don’t need to rinse after use. Besides, it is easy to carry around outside the home.
  • Milton surface spray: Another easy way of wiping everything down and getting things clean. As all the other Milton products, it helps keep a germ-free environment for all your family. Its fragrance is fresh and ideal for cleaning surfaces.

All these products are a great way to get rid of dust on furniture as well. You will find many ways to make your home the clean in an instant in our 100 uses section!