Family holidays: how to find your freedom and make travelling with babies a success!

Our Top Ten Tips

Some parents make the decision not to travel while their babies are young because it seems like too much of a challenge.  Before you rule it out take a look at our top 10 tips and consider that there are lots of advantages to travelling with little ones…and a lot of fun to be had!

1.     Do some research and pick a baby friendly destination. It is worth checking that your chosen holiday spot has cots, high chairs, changing facilities, play ground areas etc

2.     Remember to pack a small medical kit to deal with minor ailments like upset tummies or fevers.

3.     Don’t forget formula milk if you are bottle feeding and pack extra for while you are travelling in case of delays.

4.     Prepare an entertainment kit for the plane or the car : bring a bag of small toys that your baby likes. Having a baby on your lap is always a lovely way to meet new people and other families with babies and socialising is a great way to keep your baby entertained

5.     Make sure that your baby has comfortable clothing, it’s tempting to take new clothes on holiday but check they fit and are comfy first. Include a small familiar blanket which can come in handy wherever you are !

6.     Sort out your sterilising method before you go. Don’t forget your Milton Sterilising tablets and your Solo Travel Steriliser.

7.     Once you get to your destination, organise the bed, the changing area, a small play area and sort out where you will put baby formula, wash bottles and where to store snacks/food.

8.     Stick to a routine for your baby and allow a few days for your baby to settle in.

9.     Remember that you don’t have to take the whole house on the trip because you are travelling with baby. You need less than you think just the right stuff !

10.  Pack a Milton Antibacterial Hand gel to keep germs aways and Milton Antibacterial Wipes to clean and disinfect anything you need.


And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy yourselves and take lots of photos to share your great holiday memories when you get back !