Information for Healthcare Professionals

Since 1947 Milton products have been trusted by Healthcare Professionals to sterilise babies equipment within hospitals. 

Milton BabyCare is a UK division of the renowned Milton brand, set up to support and provide our expertise to Healthcare Professionals not only about Milton products, but about the importance of sterilisation and hygiene within babies environment. 

Milton BabyCare is dedicated to supporting Health Professionals to the benefit of new parents, to provide you with the tools to enable you to give parents the best information about protecting their new baby and their environment from harmful germs, at a time when they are most vulnerable.

We work closely with a pharmacist in house to ensure that all our products are of the highest quality standard and efficacy that you would expect from Milton. We put baby’s safety at the heart of everything we do.

As a Healthcare Professional Milton BabyCare can offer you the following:

  • Free educational literature
  • The full range of Milton products at trade prices 
  • Samples of Milton products for use in parent craft classes
  • Expert advice from our Pharmacist and Technical Team

Join our Brand Ambassador Programme!

Becoming a ‘Milton Brand Ambassador’ is completely free. It allows us to support Midwives and HCP’s by providing free products and materials to share with mums and use within the work place. In return we ask for occasional feedback and interaction on Social Media. We are looking for midwives and healthcare professionals who endorse our method of sterilisation and are open to sharing their experience about Milton.

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